Tuition Fees are as follows:

One off Administration fee (including G.S.T at 15%) $ 350.00

Tuition Fee (Per Year) (including G.S.T at 15%) $ 10,000.00

Short Term (One School Term or Less)

One off Administration fee (including G.S.T at 15%) $ 350.00

Tuition Fee (Per Week) (including G.S.T at 15%) $ 300.00

The student may need to cover other costs that can include:

STEAM Fee $ 300.00

School Camps and Visiting Performers – notices will be sent home regarding costs

Pastoral Care Fee $ 300.00

Students can apply for a scholarship stating skills in one of the curriculum areas.

Scholarship $ 1,000.00

Refund Conditions

We will make every effort to ensure the students stay in New Zealand will be successful and rewarding. If a decision is made to withdraw, it must be in full consultation with all parties concerned.

To be eligible for a refund, an application in writing must be made to the Principal by the parents or legal guardian stating clearly the reason for withdrawal of the student.

If the withdrawal is made prior to the student coming to New Zealand, then a refund will be made, less the administration fee.

There will be no refund if a request to withdraw is made after the student has reached the mid-point of his/her time here.

On arriving at a decision on a refund, the Principal will take into consideration the special circumstances and:

  1. Costs already incurred by the school

  2. The salaries of Teachers and Support Staff already committed to their instruction

  3. An amount which covers facilities and resources to date of withdrawal

  4. Any refund of the International Student’s fee from the Government