We are privileged to have a team of dedicated, highly motivated and knowledgeable staff to support our kura, our ākonga, our whānau and our hapori.

Sam Bradnock 


email Mr Bradnock: principal@roslyn.school.nz

Maryanne Ferris 

Deputy Principal

email Whaea Maryanne: mferris@roslyn.school.nz

Ko Hikurangi te maunga, Ko Waiapu te awa,
Ko Te Whānau a Takimoana te hapu, Ko Ngāti Porou te iwi,
Ko Maryanne taku ingoa, 

Tēnā koutou katoa.

It is my absolute privilage to be the Deputy Principal of our amazing kura.  I am proud to work alongside a fabulous team of kaiako & support staff who are 100% committed to supporting and encouraging our ākonga (learners) to reach their potential, being confident and connected.

My passion lies in providing cultural support, empowering students and staff to be the best version of themselves.  My role as Deputy Principal is very diverse, but part of that role includes being responsible for pastoral care, supporting learning and behaviour, providing cultural support for our kura, and sharing my passion for Mātauranga Māori as well as working closely with our Student Leaders.  I really enjoy getting to know & connecting with our tamariki, their whānau and our wider community.  

“He aha te mea nui o te ao?
He tangata! He tangata! He tangata!”
What is the most important thing in the world? 
It is people! It is people! It is people!

Ana Matangi

Assistant Principal

Acting Team Leader: He Kākano

email Ana: amatangi@roslyn.school.nz

Ko Taranaki te maunga. Ko Waitara te awa. Ko Tokomaru te waka.  Ko Ngāti te Whiti te hapu.  Ko Te Ati Awa te iwi.  Ko Ana tōku ingoa

Tēnā koutou katoa,

I began at Roslyn School in term 3 last year and it is my great pleasure and privilege to be the Assistant Principal of our wonderful kura.  I am absolutely passionate about learning, and ensuring we best support our ākonga to feel valued and successful, and to provide them with the best tools to be successful in the future.

I believe building strong, respectful relationships with our ākonga is an important part of this and I am greatly looking forward to continuing to connect with our tamariki, staff, and whānau, in 2023.

Ngā mihi nui.


"Poipoia te kākano, kia puawai."

Nurture the seed and it will blossom.

Kirsty Wilkinson 

Kahikatea Learning Leader

Ipu Maea - Rooms 12 & 13 

email Whaea Kirsty: kwilkinson@roslyn.school.nz

Kia ora tatou,

My name is Whaea Kirsty and I am really looking forward to starting my 13th year at Roslyn School in the Kahikatea team.  I am excited to be teaching alongside Pa Isaia in Ipu Maea (Rooms 12 & 13), where I will have the privilege of educating a fantastic group of Year 7 & 8 students.

I enjoy teaching through an integrated curriculum approach, and my favourite subjects to teach are Literacy, Numeracy and Visual Art.   I am also grateful for the opportunity to be the team leader of this awesome team of teachers and ākonga.

Please feel free to visit us in our akomanga throughout the year.

Nga mihi

Ehara taku toa i te toa taki tahi, engari he toa taki tini

My strength is not that of one but that of many.

Isaia Jones

Kahikatea Kaiako

Ipu Maea - Rooms 12 & 13

email Pa Isaia: ijones@roslyn.school.nz

Tēnā koutou,

My name is Pa Isaia and I am very excited to begin my teaching career at Roslyn School. In 2023 I have the privilege of teaching an awesome group of Year 7/8 learners in Ipu Maea alongside Whaea Kirsty. 

Originally I am from Hastings, but have been living in Palmerston North for the last four years whilst studying. I have a deep passion for sports - in particular, using sports to build confidence and create opportunities for young people. Outside of the classroom, I love watching sports and exercising, sitting down with a good book and spending quality time with my friends and whānau. 

I look forward to getting to know you and your tamariki throughout the year. Kia ora! 

Karl Radford

Kahikatea Kaiako

Ipu Pūawai - Rooms 22 & 23 

email Pa Karl: kradford@roslyn.school.nz

Tēnā koutou, 

My name is Karl Radford, or Pa Karl! I am married to Natasha and we have four tamariki - Luke (16), Mia (13), Connor (12) and Hannah (7). 

This is my third year teaching at Roslyn School, having spent the previous years at Whakarongo School and St. Joseph's School in Levin.  I am fortunate to be in the Kahikatea team working alongside Whaea Ebony in rooms 22 and 23!  

I enjoy participating and watching a range of sports, getting to know new people and inspiring young minds. I look forward to sharing this year’s journey with our ākonga and whānau. 

Nā reira, KIA ORA!

Ebony Wehipeihana

Kahikatea Kaiako

Ipu Pūawai - Rooms 22 & 23 

email Whaea Ebony: ewehipeihana@roslyn.school.nz

Kia Ora Koutou,

I am so pleased to be returning to the Roslyn whānau after a short hiatus with my newest and greatest addition: my little girl, Frankie.

This will be my fourth year teaching at Roslyn and I am excited to make the move over to Kahikatea, teaching alongside Pa Karl in Ipu Puāwai (Rooms 22 & 23).

I am looking forward to teaching and learning with our young leaders of the school and discovering all their potential. I want each and every student to uncover self belief, achieve goals, and to find enjoyment in their learning!

Laura Flaus

Māhuri Learning Leader 

Within School Teacher - PNE Kāhui Ako

Māhuri Tahi - Rooms 8 & 9

email Whaea Laura: lflaus@roslyn.school.nz

Kia ora,

I'm Whaea Laura and I love teaching! I am so lucky to have a job that I enjoy so much, even after 21 years! I am originally from Wellington and love to go back and visit my 5 siblings, and my nieces and nephews as often as I can. I am married with 2 children, who are 12 and 14 years old. We live on a lifestyle block with lots of sheep, 5 chooks, a cat named Duckie, and our new baby, Guinness the puppy! 

I am thrilled to be back in the Year 5/6 team this year, renamed Māhuri. I look forward to working alongside an incredible team of teachers and know that your child will get a great deal in all areas of their learning! I always work hard to bring out the best in our tamariki, learn about their strengths and what is important to them and incorporate this into my teaching. I love Jump Jam and singing, being a bit silly and learning new things. 

Bring on 2023! 

Ngā mihi nui.

Carl Roberts

Māhuri Kaiako

Māhuri Tahi - Rooms 8 & 9

email Carl: croberts@roslyn.school.nz

Kia ora and hello, 

I am known around school as Carl. This year I am beginning my 6th year of service to our amazing kura and I look forward to my new role as a classroom teacher in the Māhuri team with some very amazing practitioners. My passion for teaching comes from an ideology that everyone has potential, and that we are empowering the tamariki of our community.

Learning should be fun and unforgettable.  Kids should desire to be a part of their classroom community, and they need to be able to draw on the enjoyment of their learning experiences to find strength within themselves and become inspired to enjoy the lifelong pursuit of knowledge. Believing in themselves, and goal setting to achieve milestones across all subjects, allows them to explore their full potential as they venture out beyond their primary education. 

Furthermore, I am taking on the sports coordinating this year and look forward to seeing staff, students and whanau collaborate in making even more memorable opportunities to give sports a go, whether it's playing, coaching or taking on a challenge like an elite sports day. I look forward to seeing you around the school and having a meaningful 2023 at Roslyn School.

Claire Anderson

Māhuri Kaiako

Māhuri Rua - Rooms 10 & 11 

email Miss Anderson: canderson@roslyn.school.nz

Kia Ora, my name is Claire and the children call me Miss Anderson or Miss A.  I'm originally from South Africa but call NZ home.  

2023 is my 10th year of teaching at Roslyn School and I love being here with the incredible staff and tamariki. 

Moving from Kahikatea to Māhuri is an exciting time for me to work with younger children and new team members. I am lucky to be working alongside Deb and Ana within our Māhuri pod as we strive for excellence in our learning and achieving our goals. 

At home I enjoy cuddles with my cats, Blue and Pebbles while trying to keep them from eating Willow, my cockatiel.  Taking road trips across the North Island, riding my bike along the Manawatū Awa and milking cows on Sundays are how I spend my non-teaching time.  I am looking forward to sharing this year's learning journey with you and our tamariki.

Ana Matangi

Assistant Principal - Acting Team Leader for He Kākano

Release Teacher: Poipoia te Kākano - Room 16 (Thurs/Fri)

email Ana: amatangi@roslyn.school.nz

Debbie Strutt

He Kākano Kaiako

Tupu te Kākano - Rooms 14 & 15

email Whaea Debbie: dstrutt@roslyn.school.nz

Tēnā koutou,

My name is Debbie Strutt, or Whaea Debbie.  2023 will be my fourth year at Roslyn School working in the He Kākano team and it is a privilege to be part of such an amazing kura. Prior to that, I taught at Brooklyn School in Wellington and in the UK before 2008. 

I am an experienced teacher of 20+ years who has a background in additional learning needs that drives my passion for teaching.  I believe that all ākonga/learners have the ability to be successful in all that they do, and will strive to support our tamariki to achieve their potential.  

I enjoy reading, a good TV show, and writing children’s stories that inspire whānau to share an adventure within the pages of a book. I am really looking forward to sharing this year’s journey with Natasha Radford, who will be co teaching in Room 14/15, our ākonga and whānau.

Ngā mihi nui.

Natasha Radford

He Kākano Kaiako

Tupu te Kākano - Rooms 14 & 15

email Whaea Tash: nradford@roslyn.school.nz

Kia ora, 

My name is Tash Radford and this year I am joining the wonderful He Kākano team, working with Year 3 and 4 students.

I have been working at Roslyn School for several years now and I am passionate about helping our ākonga learn and feel successful.

I am married to Karl, who works at our kura also, and I have 5 children, one of which is here at Roslyn School.  I enjoy spending time with my family, who certainly keep me busy.

I am looking forward to joining the He Kākano team this year and working alongside our wonderful ākonga and kaiako in there.

Kat Elsmore

He Kākano Kaiako

Ahu te Kākano - Rooms 17 & 18

email Kat: kelsmore@roslyn.school.nz

Kia Ora ,

My name is Kat Elsmore and this is my 4th year at Roslyn School. This year I’m teaching in He Kākano team. It’s my second year teaching our amazing year three and four students. I’m born and bred in this wonderful city and love that I’m able to give back to it in my own little way. I have similar age children to the ones I teach (two age 9 and 7) and this year are joining Roslyn school too.

I’m very passionate about the arts but mostly musical theatre which includes singing, dancing and acting. Back in my past life I was a musical director of many children’s shows for the Children’s Abbey Theatre school.

I believe teaching is a privilege and my calling and love the culture of our amazing school.

Our door is always open in Ahu te Kākano; you will find me in room 17/18!

Bridget Perry

He Kākano Kaiako

Ahu te Kākano - Rooms 17 & 18

email Bridget: bperry@roslyn.school.nz

Tēnā koutou,

My name is Bridget Perry and this is my second year at Roslyn School teaching in He Kākano team. I am excited to be working alongside Kat in Ahu te Kākano (rooms 17 and 18), teaching some of our amazing year three and four students.

I am passionate about learning and building meaningful and trustful relationships with tamariki and whānau. I love it when ākonga are excited about their learning and I believe it is a privilege to be able to support them to discover their strengths, guide them to reach their potential and help them grow into the best version of themselves!

My door is always open for a chat; you will find me in room 18!

Debbie Sorenson

Kāhui Ako Across School Teacher - He Kākano Kaiako

Poipoia te Kākano - Room 16

email Debbie: dsorenson@roslyn.school.nz

Kia Ora,

Welcome to another exciting year.  I am Deb Sorensen and I will be teaching in He Kākano from term 2 in 2023.  My favourite colour is blue just like the deep blue ocean.  I enjoy deep sea fishing, especially the chase of game fish.  

I was born in Pahiatua and spent my childhood in Pongaroa with Akitio always being my escape and place to relax.  My favourite meal is a pork roast with all the trimmings and I'm known in the family as the crackling thief!  

My highlight of these holidays would have to be the places I have visited as it was definitely a holiday filled with new memories and lots of laughs.  Getting 'Lost' is a sure way of exploring our beautiful countryside.

Kristie Richardson

Te Tipu Ora Learning Leader

Within School Teacher - PNE Kāhui Ako

Kea/Korimako - Rooms 3 & 4

email Kristie: krichardson@roslyn.school.nz

Kia Ora,

I am excited to be working in Te Tipu Ora for the first time as the learning leader this year. With two younger children at home, I am looking forward to learning more about the early years and development that occurs in the first 2 years of school.

I've been teaching for many years now and my favourite part is seeing the excitement and pride students feel when they get a lightbulb moment in their learning, which is why I joined teaching in the first place. I can't wait to see what the year brings and look forward to seeing our tamariki soar in all aspects of school life.

Tammy How

Te Tipu Ora Kaiako

Pīwakawaka - Room 1

email Tammy: thow@roslyn.school.nz

My name is Tammy How.  My husband (Jamie) and I have three children - Emily (12), Ruby (10) and Charlie (7).  My girls both dance, so I am found most evenings at the dance studio.  

I have the privilege of teaching our newest students to Roslyn School in the New Entrant room that we call Piwakawaka.  I am an experienced New Entrant teacher with 15 years under my belt - 6 of these are at Roslyn School.  I love to see the growth in students' learning and their confidence as a learner that occurs as a 5 year old so quickly.  I have a lot of energy and do my best to keep up with my students!

I have a passion for literacy.  This will be my 3rd year leading Structured literacy across our Kura.  I love seeing the progress our students are making and the passion for literacy themselves that they are developing along the way.  

I am super excited for 2023!  Our door is always open, so please pop in and visit. 

Emily-May Lightbourne

Te Tipu Ora Kaiako

Kea/Korimako - Rooms 3/4

email Emily: elightbourne@roslyn.school.nz

Kia Ora,

My name is Emily-May and I am in my second year of teaching. I have loved working at Roslyn School, especially in Te Tipu Ora, where you will find me in Room 3 and 4 working alongside our Year 1 and 2 students with Kristie and our learning coach, Tracey. I really enjoy teaching structured literacy and seeing the amazing results it brings to our kids and I can’t wait to see the success of our akonga this year. 

Although I have travelled and lived in the UK for two years, I was born and raised in Palmerston North. I am proud to call Palmerston North home and it is a privilege to work for the community I grew up in. I am really close to my family and in my spare time you will find me at my Mum or Dad’s house cooking, eating, and listening to music, spending time with my brother and sisters and nieces and nephews. I also love going for walks and I plan to do lots of exploring and road trips this year.


Sharron Bester

Te Tipu Ora Kaiako

Kākapo - Room 2

email Mrs Bester: sbester@roslyn.school.nz

Kia Ora,

I am Sharron Bester, an experienced teacher with over 25 years experience in teaching. I am excited to start my 13th year at Roslyn School. This will be my second year teaching in the Te Tipu Ora Team. This year I will be a Year 1-2 teacher in Room 2. 

My husband, Chris and I have both been teachers all our lives and thought that our two children would follow in our footsteps, but no they graduated in totally different fields. Our son Reinhardt is into property development and rentals, whilst our daughter Schizelle is a designer in both IT and fashion. We are originally from South Africa and settled here in Palmerston North 24 years ago. We do enjoy travelling  back and forth to South Africa to visit the rest of both our families. We have two tabby cats called Lucy and Zoe. 

I enjoy teaching students and find it extremely rewarding to see them learn and apply new skills and knowledge. I am passionate about Maths and find it fascinating to see how students use different strategies to solve the same problem and how the same open-ended problem can have 4-6 different answers. I fully believe all students are able to achieve success, they just need to put their hearts into it and with support the world is their oyster!

Karen McLeod

Learning Support Coordinator (LSC) and Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENCO)

email Whaea Karen: 


I am married to Rodger and we have two adult children, who are both married and live locally which is awesome for us as we get to spend lots of time with them and their delightful children.  I enjoy reading and getting lost in a book; I love nature and the calming presence it can have, = - even a good thunderstorm!  I am very involved in my church in Feilding where I live.

I have been a part of the Roslyn Team for many years now and still love it.  Relationship building is paramount to teaching and getting to know people is something I really enjoy doing.  My role is varied and I can honestly say there is never a dull moment.  I enjoy having the flexibility to pop into classrooms, support wherever I am able to and head people in the right direction for the support they may need. Having students, staff or whānau pop in and see me for a chat, downtime, chill or whatever the reason may be, is another aspect of my job that I love.

Elizabeth Lithgow

Learning Support - ORS Specialist Teacher (Tuesday/Wednesday)

email Liz


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Sarah Jones

Finances Officer

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Vanessa Penn

Office Manager

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Release Teachers

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