Many of our students love the opportunity to engage in The Arts, especially through music and dance.

Here at Roslyn School, we offer several opportunities for our ākonga to embrace The Arts and the opportunity to perform.

Our Senior Choir is open for Year 5-8 students to join.  From year to year, we have approximately 40 students in this group.

They meet each week, led by Whaea Maryanne, to practice a variety of contemporary songs, to improve their singing and to explore harmonies.

Our student showcases and special school events provide wonderful opportunities for our choir to perform to an audience and hone their skills further.  Every three years, they also form an integral part of our schoolwide production performance, performing a wonderful Six60 medley for our Tiki Tour performance in 2023.

Six60 Medley - Choir

In recent years, we have formed a dance group each year to perform at Dance NZ Made.  This is currently led by Whaea Laura and Whaea Amy, who bring energy and passion to inspire this group.  

In the winter terms, we offer a weekly lunchtime session for any of our students to participate in a Jump Jam Roopu.  This is led by Whaea Laura.  Not only a great way to keep warm and dry, our students love having the opportunity to have fun learning new dance routines, keep fit and burn off some energy.  It's a great tuakana-teina opportunity, with senior students who choose to join in helping to support our younger tamariki - it's a great stepping stone towards the Dance NZ Made Group.

Through EPIC Music Academy we are able to provide opportunities for all of our ākonga to learn the foundations in music, an instrument or even be part of a school band.  The wonderful tutors at EPIC Music Academy come once a week to give specialised instruction to those students who are keen to develop their musical skills and talents.