Health and physical education is an important part of our teaching and learning programmes at Roslyn School.  Embracing Hauora as a key approach to how we do things here at Roslyn School means we are always looking to incorporate and promote activities to support health and physical education.

Health Programmes...

Some of the specific programmes we draw on to support education in Health are:

To support wellbeing, we also draw on outside programmes such as SHINE girls and STRENGTH boys for our senior students to help them as they learn to negotiate and maintain positive relationships as become teenagers.

Last year we also had Hato Hone - St. John come in to run programmes looking at how we can respond in emergencies, starting with a basic introduction for our youngest students, through to first aid and CPR with our senior students.

Physical Education Programmes...

Physical education is taught right across the school, from daily activities to promote fitness and development of important gross motor skills and fundamental movements - through to regular targeted teaching and learning around movement concepts and other physical activity.

We are currently lucky enough to have been funded for He Kākano, our team of Year 3 and 4 students, to have targeted swimming instruction at the local Freyberg pools.  This is something we are hoping we will be able to extend out to other teams in the future.

Following a trial with our Year 7 and 8 students last year, we now offer a comprehensive sports development programme for all our ākonga in Years 5-8, led by Pā Sione.

This programme allows students to develop fundamental movements, motor skills and movement concepts: building on these and providing the opportunity to apply these through sports.  Students are motivated to get involved and enjoy the fun opportunities to develop and hone their skills in learning new sports games.

The programme also ensures our students have the opportunity to:

This is also a great platform to help prepare students for our Central Elite sports competition, which our Year 7 and 8 tamariki have the opportunity to participate in.

Central Elite Sports (C.E.S.)

Central Elite Sports is a competition between eight schools with intermediate students around the Manawatū, in which they participate in different sports throughout the course of the year, including:

Designed to provide opportunities for Year 7 and 8 students to engage in high-level competition, this is a further fantastic opportunity for our ākonga.  They must trial and be selected for each sport as it comes up, and head to different schools for a day of competition.  These always prove to be a fantastic day for all involved and our students relish the opportunity to compete in this way.

Providing opportunities for Education Outside of the Classroom (E.O.T.C.) is an important aspect of our school life at Roslyn School.

A significant highlight for our students in Years 5-8 is our school camps, which occur every two years.  These allow our tamariki to experience new activities, challenge themselves in different ways, get to know each other and their kaiako in a different context, and build their confidence.

Alongside this, where possible, we seek to regularly provide opportunities for all our learners to go on school trips to both support their learning at school, as well as enjoy new engaging and authentic learning contexts.