Welcome to Roslyn School

We are a full primary, multicultural school located at the northern end of Palmerston North. We are proud of our PB4L values that underpin Roslyn Schools' culture and identity. Our learning is undertaken through Roslyn Investigators where students learning is lead by their interests and skills. We offer a variety of opportunities both in and out of the classroom to develop the whole child for future successes.

We have 5 values that are incorporated into everyday happenings within school and out in the wider community.

At Roslyn School, we show:

Perseverance with our learning and behaviour

Respect for others, environments and our community

Integrity through our actions

Diversity skills by valuing others

Excellence in all that we do


We believe that all students should have the same opportunities and not hindered by cost.

Although Roslyn School already supplies:

* Chrome books for every Y5-8 student (ratio of 1:2 for Year 2-4 students in He Kakano)

* No charges for additional programmes and the like

The Board would like to support our families further

* No donation requests

* No cost for stationary

* No cost for trips or sports fees

We are always looking at ways and means to provide the best opportunities and experiences for our students and by undertaking this for next year there will be nothing hinder our students from their learning and experiences. Of course, we would appreciate any support, either financially or by volunteering your skills and time to support wonderful students on their learning journey.

We look forward to having you as part of the Roslyn School community in 2020 and look forward to the exciting developments to come.

Mission Statement

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Roslyn School