About Us

Roslyn is a Full Primary School catering for students from Year 0 - Year 8. We are located in the north-eastern end of Palmerston North. See Roslyn on Google Maps. Our students and staff enjoy being part of a multi-cultural school that celebrates achievement at a variety of levels, academic, sporting and cultural.

We are a large primary school with well resourced facilities including:

  • Three adventure playgrounds
  • A school hall
  • Large playing field with artificial cricket pitch
  • Fitness track around our field with exercise stations
  • Every class has computers and tablets,a digital projector, interactive whiteboard or interactive teaching station

We have lots of specialised programmes to cater for the learning needs of a wide range of students including:

  • Support for students who are not achieving
  • Extension for gifted students
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages groups
  • Digital classroom and embedded digital technologies across the school
  • Music groups including a school band
  • Kapa Haka groups
  • A variety of sporting teams