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Starting School at Roslyn

Starting school is a milestone in a child’s life.  It is a special and major event for Parents and Whanau, too.  This booklet will provide you with important information to help you with an easy transition to school for both you and your child.  It will inform you of some of the wonderful opportunities our students have at Roslyn School.  When your child starts school they will become members of Te Tipu Ora which is all New Entrant to Year 2 children.

Enrolling your child

Come in and see our friendly office staff.  They will help you fill out all the necessary enrollment forms.  Parents of five year old children and children new to New Zealand must bring in their child’s birth certificate or passport to verify their date of birth.  It is also essential you provide a copy of your child’s immunisation records.

During your appointment, you will be able to ask any questions you may have.  We will provide you with a stationery list and we encourage parents to bring the required stationery on your child's first day.  We ask that all books are covered.

A New Entrants teacher will be in contact with you prior to your child starting school to arrange school visits or you can come down to Room 1 and talk it over with us.

Transition to School

Roslyn School has a Transition to School programme called the ‘Tipu’ Class.  Our Tipu class is open to all 4 years olds for school visits in Room 1. This is designed to be fun with a focus on alphabet activities, singing, being creative and more.  We encourage you to come along with your child to see some of the exciting things we do at Roslyn School.

School Visits are open any day of the week that works for you.  You  are welcome to  bring your child as often as you like, as the more visits your child has the better their transition to school will be.

School Visits

During this time your child will join in with regular classroom activities.  These will include:

· Roll, Karakia, Waiata and Oral Language activities

· Fitness, Brain Break/Healthy Snack

· Phonics

· Investigation Time

When you come for visits we ask you to bring with you:

· A healthy snack
   (fruit and vegetables are preferred)

· A named water bottle

· A sunhat (compulsory for Tm 1 and 4)

Until your child is settled into school  life, you will be required to stay with your child for these visits.  We encourage you to take a look around, ask questions and become part of our unique school family.

Roslyn School is organised into four teams; Te Tipu Ora, He Kakano, Mana Tahi and Kahikatea

· Kahikatea is our Year 7 and 8 Team

· Mana Tahi is our Year 5 and 6 Team

· He Kakano is our Year 2 to 4 Team

· Te Tipu Ora is our Year 0 to 2 Team

House Competitions

When your child starts school, they will be placed in a ‘house’.  The houses at Roslyn School are named after the four streets that surround our school; Tremaine, Vogel, Shelley and Milton.  Throughout the year there are a range of different house competitions that your child will be involved in.  These include athletics, house singing, chant competitions, tug of war and many more!  House spirit is very strong at Roslyn School!  Students are encouraged to wear the house colours for these competitions.  Shelley-Red, Vogel-Yellow, Milton-Green and Tremaine Blue.  Parents are more than welcome to attend these house competitions and we always encourage parents/Whānau to be involved especially in the student/parent/teacher challenges.

Behaviour Expectations

Our focus is on promoting positive behaviour that supports and encourages learning. High behaviour standards at Roslyn School is achieved through child centred classroom programmes, class/school rewards and by students and teachers building a positive relationship that enables students to succeed. Supporting this is a partnership between home and school that ensures your child is learning to the best of their ability. Roslyn School is currently under a behaviour contract called 'Positive Behaviour 4 Learning School Wide' (PB4LSW). This is an exciting, new step for us all and we have seen lots of positive change in our students behaviour and capabilities.

First Day of School
School starts at 8.55am.

Each day your child needs to bring:

· Sunhat (in Terms 1 and 4)

· School Bag 

· book bag (these will be issued with your child on their first day of school)

· Lunchbox with a healthy snack, morning tea and lunch

· Water bottle

· A change of clothes (just in case)

Please make sure all of the above are clearly named.  Roslyn School has a ‘No Toys’ policy so please ensure all toys stay at home; this stops any problems from occurring.

On the first day of school you will need to come with your child to their classroom in the morning and pick them up after school to establish routines and to make sure that your child is comfortable being at school.

If your child is going to be late or absent from school you will need to phone the absence line (354 7212 or 0800 800 605) as soon as possible.  You will receive a phone call at home if the office doesn’t hear from you.  This is to confirm the whereabouts of your child to ensure their safety.

 Please support your child so they can:

· Hang up their own bag

· Bring their lunchbox and drink bottle into the classroom

· Put their book bags into the correct box

School finishes at 3pm.  Feel free to come in and greet your child at the end of each day.  This is a wonderful opportunity to meet other parents and  touch base with the classroom teacher.

For more information download the PDF below 'Starting School at Roslyn 2017'

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