Copy of Parent Information Booklet 2022


If your child is absent from school for any reason, please ring our absence answer phone before 9am or complete our Report an Absence form on this website (click to link). Phone our Absentee line: 354 7212 or use our free phone number: 0800 800 605.
If no communication has been received, the school will contact families.

Cell Phones

We do not permit students to have mobile phones on them or in their bags at school. However we understand that some students may need a phone for after school for various reasons therefore if your child needs to bring a phone to school they will be expected to hand in their phone to be stored in the school office during school hours.

Communications with Families

We regard our school as a partnership between home and school deal working together and supporting one another in a shared endeavour. The key to the success of this relationship is communication. Our open door policy means that parents/caregivers are free at any time to make an appointment to see the teacher at a mutually convenient time. Good professional practice entails teachers getting to know their students and families well and having excellent communication.

There is a host of situations where informal communication can take place such as sports days, blogs, gatherings, after school, camps etc and we encourage you to chat with teachers then. Obviously specific issues about your child will need to be done at another time. There are more formal opportunities for communicating such as parent/teacher conferences. However, please feel free to make an appointment anytime throughout the year if you would like one.

The regular school newsletter is an important part of the school wide communication process and we encourage all parents and caregivers to read this, as it contains a huge array of information. It is sent home or emailed every second Wednesday, and can also be seen through our school website. The school’s website also has information relating to a variety of aspects of our school. Our school Facebook page also gives up to date information.

Complaints and Concerns

From time to time in a people oriented environment such as schools, there will be concerns. When these occur it is important that the parties involved work together to obtain a solution that is mutually acceptable and best for all concerned. We must always seek a win /win result.

If you have a concern please speak firstly with your child’s teacher if it’s a class matter, if it is not a class matter or you feel it has not been resolved, then speak to either your child’s Team Leader or Deputy Principal/Assistant Principal. For other matters, you are more than welcome to see the Principal.

You are more than welcome to obtain our Complaints and Concerns process. This is displayed around the school.

Dental Service

Mid Central Health operate a mobile clinic for Roslyn School. Details of when it will be at school will be given in our newsletter. For emergency services contact The Palms Dental Unit.

Information Learning Centre

Our library is an important hub of our school. It is open throughout the lunch breaks. Some classes also use the Rosemont Library at the end of Kipling Street.

All books are issued for a period of two weeks. If a book is not returned or is damaged, parents or guardians will need to pay for the book.

Lost Property

Please come and check through our lost property on a regular basis, you could be surprised at what your child has lost! Lost property is kept in a box at the back of Rooms 5 and 6 by the picnic tables, facing the junior playground.


Students should not share lunches with any other student (due to allergies and parental restrictions). Roslyn School is part of the 'Lunch by Libelle' programme. Lunch By Libelle is a school food service as part of the 2020/21 Government’s Ka Ora Ka Ako | Health School Lunches programme.


If your child requires medication at school, come in and see the office. You will need to sign a form allowing us to give the required dose. For antibiotics required three times a day we do suggest doses before school, after school and at bedtime, which eliminates the need for doses at school.

Enrolments and Withdrawals

Parents wishing to visit or enrol their children can come in or contact the office ( or phone the office on 357 9946) so you can meet with a member of the Senior Management Team and/or the Office Manager.

Inductions will take place so every child is settled into our school successfully.

Parents of students who are leaving are asked to notify the school office a few days beforehand. When they leave, children need to take all stationery belonging to them and return any outstanding school property such as library books, readers, sports uniforms and pay any outstanding money owing.