Our Vision (The Why)

Empowering curiosity, resilience and innovation

Our goal is to provide our ākonga with the best environment & learning spaces for empowering our students and inspiring our ākonga to be the best version of themselves, so they are equipped and prepared for anything and able to create their own learning pathways for success.

We firmly believe that all ākonga (both children & adults) will benefit from developing their own sense of curiosity. This will increase their engagement in becoming more inquisitive thinkers through exploration, investigation and by learning, therefore acelerating learning in a meaningful and purposeful way.

We want our ākonga to have the skills to be able to overcome any challenge presented to them, to have the skills to problem solve and the confidence to take risks. Teaching our ākonga to be resilient will support their wellbeing by encouraging them to have a positive view of themselves.

In our changing world ākonga need the tools and skills necessary to be able to create new ideas, using a range of methods or resources. It provides opportunities for our students to use thinking tools, but most importantly to see themselves as learners.

Mission Statement (The How)

‘Developing the Talents of Future Generations’
‘Te whakawhanake i nga iho pumanawa mo te heke mai’

Values at Roslyn School

At Roslyn School, we aim to develop ākonga to use Perseverance, to show Respect, act with Integrity, be Determined, and achieve with Excellence in all they do. Our ākonga will model Roslyn PRIDE each day.

We want all ākonga at Roslyn school to be aware of what a good learner does and to grow and develop skills, understandings and strategies of a good learner. The concept of Roslyn PRIDE is a key tool for establishing this understanding, and the expectation is that the ākonga will all understand what Roslyn PRIDE means, understand what these values look like in all contexts, and can apply this to their own lives by being able to model Roslyn PRIDE in a number of ways.

P - PERSEVERANCE Our ākonga will learn to use perseverance in their learning and behaviour by not giving up and having a 'can do' attitude, even when things appear hard or tough. We want our ākonga to have a positive sense of self, and to develop into happy, confident and connected, lifelong learners.

R - RESPECT Our ākonga will learn to respect 'themselves', others, and property within the school environment, learning spaces and within our community. By showing respect, ākonga will recognise and respect differences in individuals and embrace diversity and equity. They will set and maintain high standards for themselves in everything they do.

I - INTEGRITY Our ākonga will be honest, act ethically and be accountable for their decisions and through their actions. They will be courteous and caring. They will make connections with others, they will show respect, empathy and consideration for others.

D - DETERMINATION Our ākonga will develop strong sense of purpose, determination and commitment to their learning. They will set goals and have high standards for themselves and their learning. They will develop resilience as they navigate their way through challenges and barriers to progress. Our ākonga will learn to take risks & step out of their comfort zones, be challenged in their learning and thinking to continue to show progress.

E - EXCELLENCE Our ākonga will be encouraged to have high expectations and high standards for themselves. They will be encouraged to strive for excellence in all that they do. The concept of excellence will be relevant and relative to each child.
Achieving excellence will establish PRIDE.