Empowering curiosity, resilience and innovation

Nurturing a diverse community of thriving creative problem solvers who are secure in their mana, strive for knowledge and understanding, and pursue excellence for themselves and others

  • To empower our students so they are equipped & prepared for anything

  • To equip students with resilience which will enable them to succeed in an uncertain future

  • To create a culture of innovation where we want our ākonga to take risks in their learning, developing future skills & values.

"Mā ngā huruhuru ka rere te manu."

"Adorn the bird with feathers so it may fly."

With support and the right tools, our ākonga will soar, being the best versions of themselves.

Roslyn School is a place where positive behaviours and attitudes towards learning are achieved through a school-wide approach. Through P.R.I.D.E. we aim to develop our ākonga to:

  • be Positive

  • show Respect

  • be Innovative

  • show Determination, and

  • achieve Excellence in all they do.

The Roslyn School core values aim to ensure the school’s culture is one where:

  • Positive behaviour and learning thrive.

  • Students feel safe and love coming to school

  • Differences and diversity are celebrated

  • Learning is seen as a partnership between the student, school and the home

  • Where everyone feels a true sense of belonging


Our ākonga will strive to achieve their potential because they are fully engaged and passionate about their learning. We want for our ākonga to have a positive sense of self, and to develop into happy, confident and connected, lifelong learners.


Our ākonga will learn to respect themselves, others, and property. By showing respect, ākonga will recognise and respect differences in individuals, and cherish diversity and equity by being inclusive. Thy will set and maintain high standards for themselves in everything they do.


Our ākonga will be innovative, show individuality, promote creativity, enable leadership opportunities, and be accountable for their decisions and actions. Thinking creatively, trying new things, and adapting to changing circumstances are pivotal characteristics of success.


Our ākonga will develop a strong sense of purpose, determination and commitment to their learning They will set goals and have high standards for themselves and their learning. They will develop resilience as they navigate through challenges and barriers to progress. Our ākonga will take risks and step outside of their comfort zones to push boundaries and continue to make ongoing progress.


Our ākonga will be encouraged to strive for excellence in all they do. The main concept of excellence will be relevant and relative to each child. They will set and maintain high standards for themselves in everything they do. Attaining excellence will establish PRIDE.