What we believe about learning

To be caring and sharing learners

  • Valuing children as unique, powerful creative and capable, full of ideas and curious
  • We celebrate who we are and how we learning.
  • We talk about other people’s perspectives
  • We respect others’ learning and encourage success
  • We value the teams’ core cultures and organisation
  • We follow our PRIDE and RESPECT beliefs
  • Development of the Key Competencies are throughout the curriculum

To develop a love of learning

  • We aim to build learning about important concepts worthy of investigation
  • We recognise learning is highly personal
  • We celebrate continuous improvement and successes
  • Maintain a partnership with family to support, value and model learning
  • Use of inquiry and integrated learning models so students follow on own issues and interests

To be independent learners

  • We seek to value and understand children’s points of view
  • We seek to challenge children’s understanding
  • Support our children’s learning through formative feedback and learning direction guides
  • We encourage learning reflection
  • We encourage risk taking within a supportive and stimulating environment
  • We use Thinking Skills and development of effective questioning
  • Use of inquiry learning through the concepts
  • ICT integrated and used throughout the learning

To value the skills of effort and perseverance and the pursuit of foundation knowledge

  • We engage children in becoming knowledgeable and in taking action
  • Emphasis on quality
  • Ability to plan learning and understand outcomes desired
  • Emphasis on knowing the skills of learning
  • Emphasis on foundation skills
  • To acknowledge completion of tasks
  • To promote the ethic of hard work.