Mission Statement

‘Developing the talents of future generations’

‘Te whakawhanake i nga iho pumanawa mo te heke mai’

Our Vision

Empowering curiosity, resilience and innovation

Empowering at Roslyn School we aim to empower our students so they are equipped and prepared.

Curiosity is central at Roslyn School to all our learners in becoming inquisitive thinkers through exploration, investigation and learning.

Resilience we want our students to have the skills to be able to overcome any challenge presented to them, to have the skills to problem solve and the confidence to take risks and from this to nurture a positive view of themselves.

Innovation in our changing world students need the tools and skills necessary to be able to create new ideas, using a range of methods or resources. It provides opportunities for our students to use thinking tools, but most importantly to see themselves as learners.


  • ICT skills and thinking skills embedded in learning

  • Inquiry model used throughout class programmes

  • Student voice and ownership of learning development

  • Learning conducted in a variety of means, both in and out of the classroom

  • Students understanding next step in their learning progress

  • Specific programmes designed to meet students’ needs

Social Development

  • Leadership opportunities for all students through a variety of forms

  • High expectations of behaviour and interactions through school’s PRIDE values

  • Learning and interactions focused on relationships and dignity

  • Key Competency development woven into everyday activities

  • Celebration and acknowledgement of successes

  • Buddy and support systems in place

Cultural Awareness

  • Diversity acknowledged and celebrated

  • Opportunities given for sporting and cultural activities both in and with other schools

  • Variety of languages taught

  • Performance groups, Pasifika and team Kapa Haka operate

  • Artistic awareness acknowledged


  • Music specialist working with band, choir and instrument tuition

  • Opportunities given in dance, drama, photography, ICT, production

  • Electives during the year to broaden interests both in and out of school

  • Sporting opportunities and school exchanges given

  • Environmental education and garden in place


We have 5 values that are incorporated into everyday happenings within school and out in the wider community.

PRIDE underpins our values at Roslyn

Perseverance Respect Integrity Diversity Excellence