​At Roslyn, we learn about promoting a safe, inclusive and positive environment where we are all valued and value each other. We all share the same expectations, goals, beliefs and build a strong, vibrant culture.

We have 5 values that are incorporated into everyday happenings within school and out in the wider community:  

Perseverance with our learning and behaviour
Respect for others, environments and our community
Integrity through our actions
Diversity skills by valuing others
Excellence in all that we do.

Home Sheet Excellence - Term 3 Wks 7-8

Home Sheet Respect - Term 3 Wks 5 - 6

Home Sheet Classroom Routines - T3 W1-2

Home Sheet Perseverance - Term 2 Wks 9-10

Home Sheet Respect - Term 2 Wks 7-8

Copy of Home Sheet Integrity - Term 2 Wks 5 - 6

Home Sheet Respect - Term 2 Wks 3 - 4

Integrity T1 W9-11

Diversity Home T1 W7-8.docx

Learning Home sheet Integrity -All Settings T1 Wks 3-4.docx