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What we do at Roslyn

Success comes from developing the whole child, and it is a community effort. That is why we value collaboration between students, staff and families. It is important for us to know what interests and needs our students and families have.

We provide wide opportunities to explore drama, dance, music and visual arts, and to participate in outside events, competitions, exhibits and happenings.

We strive for quality and only accept the best, with the belief that all students can achieve and the mindset of 'Nothing is Impossible'. We are always striving to provide the best for all. Regular recognition, awards and encouragement that ensures all students develop high self-esteem and a positive attitude with systematic and specific intervention for students needing extra support and advancement.

Everyone respecting the dignity of others and understanding the values that Roslyn upholds, listening to and having support from families and wider community. Developing sustainable leadership skills and opportunities for both staff and students. Supporting each other along the learning journey and having a Board of Trustees that are always there. Opportunities for both staff and students to extend themselves.

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