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The 3 Kete

3 Kete Curriculum:
  • Curriculum Delivered through our 3 Kete where staff and students co-construct learning 
  • Key competencies and values incorporated throughout delivery
  • Knowledge and new learning reflected in outcomes
  • Students learning at the centre of coverage
  • Acknowledgement of student voice
  • Development of language of learning
  • Students at the centre of learning
With Our Community Through:
  • Working together to achieve successful learning
  • Consultation so all parties kept informed
  • Acknowledgement of diversity and achievements
  • Open and welcoming environment
  • Students ready to engage in learning through families valuing learning
  • Active participation through a variety of forms
  • Interact at parent evenings, open days, expos
  • Using community ‘experts’
  • Involvement of students in the community
In Ourselves
  • Readiness to learn
  • Knowledge of self and belonging 
  • Past and present achievements and future direction
  • Celebrating success and achievement
In Others
  • Family beliefs and values
  • Positive interactions and understanding
  • Positive citizenship and involvement 
  • Community awareness
  • Celebrating success and achievement
In the Environment
  • Caring and displaying positive actions
  • Sustaining healthy actions
  • Continually adapting to change