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Our Staff

Kahikatea Teachers:  Year 7-8  
Jason Tatana - Room 7
Kia Ora, I am known to the students as Pa Jase. I am one of the awesome teachers in the Kahikatea team that is passionate about the well-being and learning of all our students at Roslyn School. I am really looking forward to helping our students to identify and achieve their goals whether it be in their learning or developing his/her talents. I’m really enjoying teaching here at Roslyn School because they allow me to share my other talents and passions to the students of Roslyn. These talents and passions are Sports development and coaching, Mentoring our Rangatahi, Te Reo Maori, and lastly Kapahaka. Nau mai whakatau mai ki Te Kura o Roslyn.

Trish Balloch - Room 8
Kia ora o te whānau. Ko Whaea Trish toku ingoa. I am the team leader of Kahikatea and I am based in Te Whare Tuauri (Room 8) working collaboratively with Miss Anderson and Pā Jason. Working alongside our seniors to inspire them to develop physically, mentally, emotionally and socially within a stimulating educational environment that maximises opportunities for student learning. Our collaborative team wide programmes are structured to support and extend the capabilities of our students to ensure that they are successful 21st Century learners and leaders. I am very proud to be part of the Kahikatea Team!

Claire Anderson - Room 9 
Hi, after a few years as the Technology and Release teacher this year I am the Homeroom teacher of Te Whare Tuatea: Room 9 in Kahikatea. I’m committed to doing my best for the school and look after the Road Patrollers, compile data on the PB4L team and work alongside Whaea Karen with the Health and Safety of our school and everyone in it.  As I enter my 20th year of teaching I’m excited about the year ahead and the learning journey my class, team and I will travel as we develop our knowledge, skills and talents.

Mana Tahi Teachers: Year 4-6
Karen McLeod - Room 10 
Kia ora o te whanau and wider community. I am excited to be part of Mana Tahi again this year and leading this amazing team. My Home Room is Room 10. Potama Tahi is our pod of two classes - Room 10 and Room 11. I wear many hats at school and this keeps me focused and up with what is going on in our incredible school. I am looking forward to the learning that lies ahead for us as Potama Tahi and also for the whole of Mana Tahi.

Natasha Radford - Room 11   
Kia ora, I’m Natasha Radford and this is my first year working at Roslyn School. I am working in the Mana Tahi Team with Year 4,5 & 6 students. My homeroom is Room 11. Potama Tahi is our pod and is made up of two classes - Room 10 and Room 11. I am really excited to be working at this incredible school and with all these amazing students. I am looking forward to what this year brings and I can’t wait to see where this learning journey take us.

Kirsty Wilkinson - Room 12   
Kia ora tatou, my name is Whaea Kirsty and I am really looking forward to starting my 9th year at Roslyn School in the Mana Tahi team. I am excited to be teaching alongside Whaea Vanessa in Poutama Rua (Rooms 12 & 13) where I have the privilege of educating a fantastic group of Year 5 & 6 students. I love teaching all subjects, but my particular strengths lie in Literacy, Numeracy, ICT, and Visual Arts. I find eLearning and digital technology exciting and this is a huge component of my job, teaching in a 1:1 environment. Teaching 21st century skills, such as critical and creative thinking, problem solving, communicating and collaborating are important aspects of education today, and this an area that I am very passionate about.I look forward to meeting many of you throughout the year. Nga mihi.

Vanessa Whittingham - Room 13
Nga mihi mahana, Bula, Namaste, Hola. My name is Vanessa Whittingham. This is my fourth year at Roslyn School. My name has changed from Rankin to Whittingham this year, as I got married at the end 2018. This year we are in a collaborative space called Poutama Rua as we are 1 of 2 pods, one class with two teachers. Whaea Kirsty and myself are teaching a bunch of excited and energised Yr 5&6 students. We are excited about the upcoming year to inspire and engage our students in fun activities within their learning and watching the different personalities grow. I look forward to meeting past and present parents/whānau of students in our classroom as well as the wider community. I hope to see many of you visiting our classes and enjoying the learning and collaboration with our tamariki. Kia Ora.

He Kakano Teachers:  Year 2-4
Sharron Bester - Room 14   
Kia Ora, I’m Sharron Bester the Year 3-4 Teacher in Room 14. I am excited to be back in the classroom after three years of only working with Maths students at Roslyn School and I look forward to accelerate the learning of the amazing students in my class in all curriculum areas.  I wear many different hats in the school so I co-ordinate the ESOL learning of students with English as their second language, arrange all the relievers and lead the Mathematics Curriculum Area in the school. I am passionate about Maths and have specialised in it so I am able to support the teachers, students and coach our Mathex teams to ensure they are challenged to reach their full potential.

Helena Turner - Room 15   

Kristie Andersen - Room 16 
Email Kristie  
Ki Ora, I’m Kristie Andersen and I have the privilege of teaching Year 3/4 students in Room 16 and leading our new team, He Kakano. I am excited by the opportunities ahead as not only the leader of He Kakano, but also of ICT for 2019. My passion in teaching surrounds the area of ICT and how I can challenge students to reach their full potential through the idea of student agency; making their own choices to drive their learning. My door is always open, so please feel free to pop in anytime to say hi! 

Callum McConachy - Room 17  

Ferns Teachers:  NE - Year 2
Tammy How - Room 1   
Kia Ora.  Students and staff both call me Tammy.  You will find me down in Room 1 again this year helping to support our youngest of students as they transition into school.  We are part of the awesome team Te Tipu Ora (Years 0-2). I have a young family myself and I am fortunate enough to job share with Ade this year.  I teach Wednesdays and Thursdays and do all the junior assessment one day a week also. Teaching is a passion of mine not a job. I love to see the different ways children learn and the progress that they make.  Our doors are always open, so please come and visit!

Ade Beech- Room 1   

Kia Ora.  My name is Ade and I am new to Roslyn School this year.  I am passionate about the arts and play based learning. I love to see children using their imaginations and getting excited when they learn and achieve something new.  Room 1 is where you will find me. I job share with lovely Tammy three days a week on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. I am part of a fabulous team of passionate teachers (Ti Tipu Ora) and consider my myself absolutely blessed to be part of this very special place.  You are welcome to visit any time.

Judie Keane - Room 2 
Kia Ora. I’m Whaea Judie and I’m back again this year in Room 2, which is part of Te Tipu Ora ( Years 0-2). Learning through Play is the thing I‘m most enthusiastic about and I’m so appreciative of the Whanau, and my colleagues in Rooms 1,3 and 4  who contribute their time and resources to supporting our Tamariki to learn in this way. I’m also the Teacher in Charge of Nga Tipuranga Kapa Haka again this year and I’m looking forward to working alongside these inspiring students. Nga mihi nui.

Carl Roberts - Room 3 
Kia ora, Carl here. When it comes to educating our tamariki I respect with the deepest understanding that these kids are the future. My intention as the teacher of room 3 is to offer these young learners an environment to safely enjoy exploring their emergeant skills and knowledge, while understanding how to calculate risk and be diligently innovative when problem solving. If you are ever nearby room 3 drop in and say hi!

Fabian O'Halloran - Room 4
Email Fabian   Kia ora I’m Fabian and I teach in Room 4, I’m the team leader of Te TIpu Ora this year  and I also teach music around the school too. I am super passionate about helping children to find their passions, strengths and creativity and build these up as much as possible. Please pop in any time to see me and have a chat!

Senior Management

Joanne How (Principal)  
It is still amazing at what great happenings occur at our fantastic school. As a No Fees school we aim to provide opportunities - both learning and social, so our students develop their talents to the Max. I am very proud to be the Principal of such an innovative school who have staff that are dedicated to our students and to their learning.

Maryanne Ferris (Deputy Principal) 
Ko Hikurangi te maunga, Ko Waiapu te awa, Ko Ngāti Porou te iwi, Ko Maryanne Ferris tōku ingoa. Tena Koutou Katoa, Nau Mai Haere Mai. 

 I am proud to be the Deputy Principal/Tūmuaki Tuarua at Roslyn School, a unique, multicultural and diverse school on the edge of Palmerston North in the Roslyn Area. I am passionate about teaching and learning and always looking for ways to engage our students in a rich and authentic curriculum. I am a huge advocate for positive relationships within our learning community and enjoy meeting parents, whānau and in particular getting to know our kids really well. I am committed to providing as many experiences and opportunities for our students to grow their talents & strengths, in particular working with our Student Leaders, Roslyn Supporters Club, School Choir, Kapa Haka and much more. Another passion of mine is doing my best to empower students and staff to be the best version of themselves.

Nāu te rourou, nāku te rourou, ka ora ai ngā tamariki. Nā reira, piki mai, kake mai ki te awhi, me te manaaki i ngā tamariki o Roslyn.

Debbie Sorensen (Assistant Principal)  
Kia Ora. Everyone calls me Debbie, Deb or occasionally Miss Sorensen. My role within our school, is Assistant Principal. I look after all students under a SENCO role. I am also lucky enough to be working with the Kahui Ako as an Across Schools Teacher (AST) in 2019. I am looking forward to the promising year that awaits us.

Part-time Teachers
Maureen Thompson  (Release Teacher - Te Tipu Ora and He Kakano) 
Jill Forsyth (Release Teacher - Mana Tahi and Kahikatea)

Office Staff
Colleen Blair- Office Manager Email
Vanessa Penn- Office Assistant Email Vanessa
Support Staff

Teacher Aides
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